Can colonoscopy miss anything?

Yes colonoscopy can miss pathology and the most important factors in missing pathology are:

(1) Cleanliness of bowel prep: at WCEC our bowel preps are usually excellent with most achieving a Boston Bowel prep Scale of 6 or more – reducing the chance of missed pathology
(2) Experience of the Endoscopist
(3) Nature of the pathology

How experienced is my gastroenterologist?

Dr Sunil Kaushik has worked in Gastroenterology since 1992 and is a “high volume proceduralist” who currently undertakes approx. 3000 colonoscopies per year.

Why do I need to take bowel prep?

Bowel prep is required to clean out the colon so the Gastroenterologist can visualize the colon. Without a good bowel preparation small polyps and other significant findings can be missed.

It is very important to follow the instructions given to you by West Coast Endoscopy Centre to achieve a good prep result. Most inadequate bowel preps arise from people not following the instructions – most commonly eating the day before the procedure.


What happens if my bowel is not clear?

You need to let the staff at WCEC know ASAP. They will evaluate how clear you are by talking to you. You may then require more bowel preparation or an enema.

What should my bowel movement look like?

Your bowel movement should be yellow or clear with no solid material in it.