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Endoscopy / Gastroscopy is the examination of the oesophagus (gullet), stomach and duodenum by a flexible tube that transmits pictures to a TV-type monitor.

We can see the lining of the upper gut, take biopsies, remove polyps or inject blood vessels or ulcers that may be bleeding. If the gullet is narrowed it can be stretched via the endoscope.

It is done after you have been given sedation to make you sleep. You can breathe normally through your nose and around the tube. It is a day procedure; you cannot drive until the next day.

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Colonoscopy is an examination of the large intestine/bowel by a flexible tube. It transmits pictures of the bowel lining to a TV-type monitor.

It is done to investigate symptoms such as altered bowel habit, abdominal pain, low blood count, bleeding, or in those with history of bowel cancer or polyps. We can also remove polyps (polypectomy) which may prevent bowel cancer, take biopsies or inject blood vessels during colonoscopy.

It will be a day procedure. You will be given sedation and cannot drive until the next day. 

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Capsule Endoscopy gives information that no other procedure can. It is designed to view the small intestine and is not reliable for viewing the oesophagus or stomach.

You are required to go through a special diet, take a small amount of bowel cleansing liquid and then swallow a small pill-shaped video camera that passes through your digestive system taking pictures as it goes.

Images are transmitted via a belt around your waist and images are saved in the Data recorder. You must return to the office 7-8 hours later to have the images transferred to a computer for analysis.

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Biologic Infusions: We are licensed for and will be commencing infusions for Biological agents such as Infliximab which are used for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Iron Infusions: We are licensed for and will be commencing iron infusions in April 2015.

Cancer Screening: We are involved in the bowel cancer screening program and we send the results back to the bowel cancer screening body.

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What is FMT ?

Faecal Microbiota Transplantation, or FMT, is the process of changing the micro organisms in a humans intestinal tract ( microbiota ) by introducing microbes from another person, with the aim of improving or curing symptoms or an illness. It has been practised in different parts of the world since the 12 th century and in the west, as early as the 1950's in the USA and in the 1980's in Sydney , Australia. It has gained popularity in recent years because of demonstrated clinical benefits and the significant promise that it has shown in various medical conditions.

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