POLICY: This policy applies to all patients/staff treated at WCEC.

West Coast Endoscopy Centre has adopted the Private Patients Hospital Charter developed by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Family Services to define these patient rights and responsibilities. All patients treated at WCEC will have access to this document.

All staff at WCEC will ensure that each patient’s rights are respected during their episode of care an all staff at WCEC will be made aware of the contents of this document by attending staff orientation and education session

Employees have a basic human right to work without discrimination based on age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or religious beliefs. Hostile work environments include those where an employee is the subject of jokes, belittling comments or threatening reprimands. Federal law requires employers to act in a manner consistent with protecting against liability for prosecution.

Your privacy will be protected under the Privacy Act.

Copies of the Private Patients Charter will be displayed in the reception area of WCEC. Both staff and patients will have access to these documents at all times.

If a patient or staff member is abusive either physically or verbally staff are to inform the Nurse Manager immediately.

Patients and Staff Rights & Responsibilities

As a patient of WCEC you have the right to;
  • Be treated with respect for your dignity, beliefs and right to privacy
  • Expect high standards of care consistent with your needs
  • An explanation of your procedure and its associated risks before giving consent
  • Be included in decisions and choices about your care
  • The services of an interpreter
  • Decline treatment after accepting responsibility for the consequences
  • Have advice on how to make a complaint/compliment
  • Be aware of all costs involved in your treatment as far as possible
  • Advice on care after discharge
  • Access to your medical record if required
As a patient of WCEC you have the responsibility to:
  • Co-operate with staff during your treatment in order to aid your recovery
  • Be open and frank about your medical history so as to ensure you receive the best care
  • Let staff know about any special needs you have including dietary, language, cultural or religious needs
  • Accept the consequences of your own decisions on health matters
  • Direct any criticisms of the facility to a staff member so that appropriate steps can be taken to remedy any problem ( refer to complaints brochure)
  • Respect the dignity of staff members, other patients & visitors and their right to a safe environment. Aggressive behaviour may result in the withdrawal of care.
  • Keep scheduled appointments and let staff know if you are unable to do so.
  • Remain responsible for the security of your own property.
  • Be considerate in your arrangements with the Centre
  • Have respect for our relevant policies.
Staff at WCEC have a responsibility to:
  • Show patients respect and courtesy at all times
  • Maintain each patient’s personal dignity and privacy that also takes account of any cultural or religious needs
  • Maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene at all times.
  • Attentively listen to what the patient is saying
  • Keep the patient informed about all aspects of their care at all times including delays.
  • Speak clearly in words and language the patient can understand.
  • Provide access to a qualified interpreter if the patient is non- English speaking.
  • Answer patient questions honestly, sincerely and accurately.
  • Gain informed consent to any procedure.
  • Formally acknowledge a patient’s Carer and include the Carer in all aspects of the patients’ care pertaining to the Carer role.