On your admission our receptionist will finalise admission details. You will then be taken from reception by a nurse and admitted to the centre, where an outline of your stay will be explained. When the doctor is ready for you, the anaesthetic nurse will take you in to the procedure room, where you will be cared for by a team of professional nurses in conjunction with your doctor and Anaesthetist. You will wake in the relaxed environment of our specialised recovery area where your progress will be monitored until it is safe for you to go home. You will be served tea, coffee and biscuits and you are welcome to bring in your own refreshments, especially if you have special dietary requirements. Nursing staff will then phone the person responsible for collecting you.

Discharge Instructions

Your carer will need to come into the centre to collect you and take you home. Someone should stay with you over night. You can have a light meal that evening and eat normally the next day. You will be given a procedure report. If you feel unwell e.g. abdominal pain, bleeding, have “black stools” or dizziness then you must see a doctor or go to your nearest emergency department. Please take your report with you and ask the staff to contact your Gastroenterologist at the West Coast Endoscopy Centre (9301 4437).

Remember that you can’t drive home or drive until the next day. Do not operate machinery, or make important decisions until the next day. You will be informed whether follow up will be with your GP or to see your Gastroenterologist.

Your Account

We have contracts with all major health funds. We do not have contracts with a few minor health funds. Please check to see if your health fund has a contract with us by ringing your fund. Your health fund will inform you of your eligibility. If you have an excess this is payable on admission to the centre. There is generally no gap for the endoscopy centre fee or the Gastroenterologists account.

Other fees – May be occurred from the Anaesthetist and Pathology. It is your responsibility to contact your Anaesthetist and Western Diagnostics pathology.