Capsule Endoscopy gives information that no other procedure can. It is designed to view the small intestine and is not reliable for viewing the oesophagus or stomach. You are required to go through a special diet, take a small amount of bowel cleansing liquid and then swallow a small pill-shaped video camera that passes through your digestive system taking pictures as it goes. Images are transmitted via a belt around your waist and images are saved in the Data recorder. You must return to the office 7-8 hours later to have the images transferred to a computer for analysis.

The capsule is excreted naturally in your bowel movements. In 0.75-5% of cases it may not be excreted and may require removal by an endoscope or operation. Most of the time failure to excrete the capsule is because of a disease process narrowing the intestine.

Capsule Endoscopy Procedure Information