For GPs

General Info

West Coast Endoscopy Centre provides an adult private endoscopy and consulting service. We have recently commenced the Iron and biologic infusions and also Urea breath test to detect Helicobacter pylori. Patients that doesn't have private health can have procedures at the centre as a self insured/funded admission.

Please fax a completed referral form or use your letterhead to us and ask the patient to contact us and we will contact your patient within a day or two to make the arrangements. The waiting time for routine procedures is generally 1-2 weeks and if your referral is urgent we can generally get these done in 1-3 days.


Dr Kaushik provides medical education in the form of GP seminars 4 times a year, either at the endoscopy centre or at local venues. He also provides visits to General Practices for informal case based discussions on a monthly/ 6 weekly basis.

If you would like him to visit your practice or would like to attend a seminar please contact 9301 4437 and speak to Mrs Ilse Botha Administration supervisor.

Endoscopy Unit and Endoscopist Report Card

As a service to our referring doctors and patients we are proud to publish key clinical indicators of the quality of endoscopy at West Coast Endoscopy Centre. This is a feature unique to our practice and a key way of ensuring a quality service to your patients:

  • Time to procedure from booking ie 1-2 weeks
  • Our caecal intubation rate > 99.5% (accepted rate > 95%)
  • Our terminal ileal intubation rate > 96 % (accepted rate > 90%)
  • Polypectomy rate approx. 45%

Click here for a copy of the latest WCEC Report Card